Article 7 in SAFe Implementation Roadmap series: Prepare for ART Launch

Article 7 in SAFe Implementation Roadmap series: Prepare for ART Launch

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There are twelve ‘critical moves’ in the SAFe Implementation Roadmap, and seven of them are all about reaching the tipping point, then training,

preparing, and planning.

Prepare for ART Launch is the last move in that ‘plan and prepare’ group, guiding you through the final steps needed before actually launching your train. From a change-management perspective, the first ART is very important with potentially far-reaching implications. It sets in motion the first material change to the way of working and will generate the initial short-term wins that help the enterprise build momentum.

This article covers the key activities involved in preparing for an ART launch. They include:

  • Define the ART
  • Set the launch date and cadence calendar
  • Train the ART leaders and stakeholders
  • Establish the Agile teams
  • Train Product Managers and Product Owners
  • Train the Scrum Masters
  • Assess and evolve launch readiness
  • Prepare the program backlog

You’ll also find some invaluable tools, such as:

  • Agile Release Train canvas, which helps teams identify the principal ART roles (Thanks Mark Richards!).
  • Agile team roster template, which helps bring clarity and visibility to the configuration of each team
  • ART readiness checklist, helps you prepare to ensure a successful launch

There’s a lot to be accomplished at this stage, and it is important work, but as you’re going through this stage keep in mind that SAFe is based on the empirical Plan-Do-Check-Adjust (PDCA) model. There is no such thing as perfect readiness for a launch, and it’s not even recommended as the experience of the first PI will inform future activities.  As Confucius said, “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”

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Stay SAFe!
—Dean and the Framework team

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