Case Study: Medical Technology Leader Leverages SAFe to Free Teams from Silos, Align the Enterprise

Case Study: Medical Technology Leader Leverages SAFe to Free Teams from Silos, Align the Enterprise

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When we learn about companies like Elekta who are in the very elektaserious business of improving the lives of people facing cancer or brain disorders, we are inspired. And when we heard that they had adopted SAFe and wanted to share their story, we were excited to hear about their experience.

As one of the world’s leading medical technology innovators, Elekta provides solutions that touch over 100,000 patients a day worldwide. Headquartered in Stockholm, they employ around 3,800 employees globally in 30 countries. With teams working in several time zones, and members having different backgrounds, their challenge was to create an environment where teams could better align with global priorities and with each other.

Several years ago they turned to Scrum, but in their attempt to scale up they saw that the teams were operating in silos, which created a host of issues with dependency, integration, visibility, and alignment throughout the enterprise. Wanting to address all areas of the enterprise, Elekta took a holistic view and introduced SAFe to their Scrum teams, launching their first Agile Release Train (ART) in 2013. Soon thereafter, they expanded to the Program level and trained all of their teams.

Today, Elekta is running 4 ARTs with 20 teams across three continents. Their SAFe journey continues, and has already delivered significant gains and improvements in several areas. There’s a lot to learn from Elekta’s experience, which they’ve summarized in a PowerPoint, including some great speaker notes.

You can view the Elekta study here

Many thanks to Elekta’s Director of Engineering, Petrine Herbai, Manager of Engineering, Lars Gusch, and our Gold Partner, Rally Software; we appreciate all the great information you have shared, and look forward to hearing more about your continuing journey of transformation.

Stay SAFe!

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